Tuesday, March 11, 2008

List of Names

As you may have noticed from my profile, I have an interest in names. I like to make lists of names that I would like to give to my future children. I think names are kind of important, they are in the Bible, anyway.
So if you want to veiw my current list of names, just go to the bottom of the page.


  1. I love Naomi, and as for boys names, I'm also smitten with Jasper, Enoch, Josiah, and Graham.

    Nice list!

  2. I love names too. When we adopted out girls, we planned to change their names, but it was holding up the adoption. So, I changed their middle names and changed the spellings of their first names. I love Kathryn (Katie) and Audrey, so that's what I call them on my blog. If we ever adopt a boy, we'd like to name him Stephen Walker--I know...Walker is a strange middle name! I love Joanna now also.... Names are so interesting!