Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Different Methods of Homeschooling

School at home: This is where parents try and re-create a public or private school classroom setting at home. There is usually a special room or place set aside just for this. It is very structured, usually using a packaged curriculum, and working around predetermined schedules.
Classical Schooling/Education: This is based on something called the trivium, which means three-fold way or road. The three stages (or ways) of learning are - Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. Each stage is taught in order, and uses language, rather than images.

Charlotte Mason Method: This method uses "living books" that are full of characters and places that come alive, instead of dry, boring textbooks. It's focus is strongly on the liberal arts.

Unit Studies: A specific topic is chosen, and all subjects - Math, English, Geography, etc. - are integrated into that one topic.
Eclectic: Eclectic learners pick and choose from all the different educational methods to develop a unique learning style that works best for them.

Unschooling: This term was originally coined to describe "not going to school" or "learning without school." They believe that a person does not have to be in a school setting to learn, and that learning is not something that needs to be restricted to a specific time of day.

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